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Your manufacturing partner for your outbound logistics needs.

Outbound logistics are an important part of our end-to-end electronic manufacturing services. We put great care into packaging and shipping your products, tailoring the options to your individual needs — whether it means developing customized foam inserts and boxes or drop-shipping to your end-users.

Our experts determine the appropriate electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected packaging for shipping products that contain ESD sensitive components and assemblies. All material is packaged to IPC standards and ESD protected packaging is identified with the appropriate ESD awareness symbols to ensure it is received and handled correctly. We have various types of ESD protected packaging such as dissipative cardboard boxes, conductive foam, IC tubes and trays, tape and reels, plastic totes, circuit board racks, loose fill, and conductive, dissipative or shielded bags.

Some of our outbound logistics solutions include:

  • Partial or consolidated delivery solutions customized to suit client or end-user specifications
  • Custom packaging solutions
  • ESD and/or bubble bags
  • Product shipment bar codes to support hassle-free receipt into stock
  • Customs documentation (NAFTA, FCC and commercial invoices)

As a flexible contract manufacturing partner, we ship products according to your specifications and requirements as well as handle the necessary customs documentation.

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