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Our mission and values AEICM



Your partner for growth.

We deliver our mission by enabling our clients to accomplish their business goals. We support their entire product development lifecycle from prototyping to volume production. We tailor our manufacturing process for clients’ needs applying our strong expertise and uncompromising commitment to quality, superior customer service, and reliability. We are a true extension of our clients’ team that results in a mutually beneficial partnership for growth.

Our mission at Cobalt Collar Electronics is to be a strategic electronics manufacturing partner for our clients.
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Your go-to provider for electronic manufacturing services.

“Focused on advancing the needs of today; anticipating the trends of tomorrow.”

Our vision at Cobalt Collar Electronics is to leverage our expertise to become a trusted partner and recognized industry leader for electronic manufacturing services.


Our values guide our approach to all aspects of our business and everything we do for our clients, our people, and our stakeholders.



We don’t just talk about quality. It is ingrained in our daily operations. We have carefully developed our processes and procedures to ensure top quality products are delivered time and time again.



We realize that every person, product and business has unique needs and doesn’t necessarily work in a one-size-fits all manufacturing model. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and tackle all challenges for mutually beneficial outcomes.



Our clients, our people and our stakeholders rely on us for accuracy, validity, and dedication.



We embrace the immense potential of diversity in our clients, industries and employees. We believe that having a broad perspective and approach contributes to the success of both our internal objectives and our clients’ objectives.



We will be strategic business partners and advisors to our clients with an interest in their long-term success. Concurrently, we will leverage teamwork and dynamic partnerships within the organization to drive value for our clients.



The foundation of our business is built on honesty, fairness and striving to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. By partnering with like-minded clients, we are continually driven to make the right decision.

30 years of Cobalt Collar Electronics


Bringing you 30
years of electronics excellence.

Cobalt Collar Electronics was started in 1991 in Toronto, the creation of Jack Francis and Peter Wilson. They met as co-workers early in their careers and quickly Jack and Peter realized they could build on their knowledge and experience to offer unique value in the electronic manufacturing market. And they could do it while building an enterprise with an organizational culture based on their values — that would help their clients, their employees, the Alberta community, and the industry.

The early days

In the initial years, August offered product design services along with manufacturing. As we grew we eventually phased out our product design services to concentrate on building our world-class electronic manufacturing services complete with an in-house facility based in Toronto.

An early foundation rooted in engineering & design

Our design legacy enables us to offer a unique perspective for clients, particularly in helping them navigate the New Product Introduction (NPI) process and subsequent product optimization to ensure volume production is time and cost effective.

Today – your strategic partner for Electronics Manufacturing Services.

Today, we operate a modern and spacious 85,000 square-foot facility in offering low- to mid-volume manufacturing. We even manufacture some of the products we originally designed that were influential to when we first opened our doors 30 years ago.

A vision for the future: Focused on advancing the needs of today, anticipating the trends of tomorrow.

Over the years, we have broadened our capabilities and customer base, funding growth entirely through operational proceeds. We have sustained our long-term objectives by carefully evaluating each new opportunity and participating only when we are sure we can provide the best value and outcome for all stakeholders.

Explore our expertise.

From EMS design to volume production, we have the right engineering and manufacturing solutions for your market.