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Actively managed inventory

Every client has their own unique requirements when they are looking to partner with an EMS provider. That’s why we have both consigned and turnkey inventory management.

A streamlined and accurate inventory management system is critical to our electronic manufacturing services and surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing operations. That is why we maintain more than 25,000 unique part numbers, each supported by source control documentation and locked down by a rigorous Engineering Change (EC) control process. Our Incoming Quality Control (IQC) process monitors all incoming parts and performs regular cycle counts.

We maintain the integrity of our raw material inventory throughout the manufacturing process — by secure and proper storage, positive identification, and strict environmental controls for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and moisture sensitive device (MSD) components.

You also benefit from our efficient management of your consigned inventory. We can accommodate secure and segregated storage of your inventory within our facility for quick and easy access. Our processes for kit verification and shortage reporting give you an accurate and real-time statement of your inventory.

Inventory liability reporting

We help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) mitigate the risk associated with inventory carrying costs by leveraging our global supply chain network and purchasing power.

Our quarterly inventory liability reporting provides visibility into your unique inventory usage enabling efficient management of excess inventory. This helps keeps your business agile to fluctuations in demand and product obsolescence.

As your strategic manufacturing partner, we want to help reduce your costs of carrying and replenishing inventory while giving you quick access to a wide range of common components. Our inventory management system can reduce your lead time – sometimes making it as short as transit times. You also benefit from the flexibility of adjustable inventory levels.

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