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Optimized delivery for your electronic manufacturing needs

Getting your product as quickly, accurately and cost-effectively as possible to your end-customer is important to you. This involves proactively meeting the challenges of fluctuating supply chains, complex costing structures, legislation and changing economic conditions to ensure optimized procurement and delivery.

We help you plan your EMS procurement strategically because we understand that the right materials are critical in building your manufactured product.

We help you assemble a technical documentation package identifying any long lead time or at-risk parts for your product. We provide you with accurate costing information based on your Bill of Materials (BOMs) for your electronics manufacturing project.

Our established global network and relationships with screened suppliers, allow us to source the parts you need competitively and quickly.

How Cobalt Collar can help you

Once your products are assembled, we offer you standard and customized EMS shipping and packaging options for Canada, the United States, and globally. We can also schedule deliveries to suit your end-user preferences through our various couriers. We provide you with the necessary customs documentation and use visible serial numbers to allow hassle-free receipt into stock.

Our key services to help you procure & deliver:
  • Global network of vetted suppliers
  • Strategic supply chain planning
  • Revision control of BOMs and assemblies
  • Drop shipping to end customers
  • Customs documentation (NAFTA, FCC and commercial invoices)
  • ESD, MSD and custom packaging solutions
  • Partial or consolidated delivery solutions

EMS Logistic, Shipping & Packaging Capabilities

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