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Cable assembly

Your manufacturing partner for cable assembly and wiring services.

Since many of our final assemblies include at least one cable harness, it only made sense for us to manufacture our own cables in house. As your strategic electronics manufacturing partner this allows us to seamlessly integrate your PCBs into box build assemblies efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality control. We handle simple cable assembly as well as complex wiring harnesses with switches or connectors.

We automate our cable manufacturing process to ensure consistent results, eliminate the possibility of wire nicking and provide perfectly formed terminations. We inspect all cable assemblies to IPC standards and are electrically verified for unintentional opens or shorts. This is achieved using our Schleuniger cutting and stripping machines, our automated universal crimpers and our automated cable testers.

Our value-add features include:

  • Manufacturing customized cable assemblies.
  • Engineering support to optimize processes for quality, cost and efficiency, and to develop new or improved designs.
  • Automatic wire preparation (cut, strip and termination).
  • Testing and test process development

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Control cabinets & panel wiring

We can provide and integrate wiring harnesses, rack systems, and control cabinets. We can customize control cabinet enclosures using your technical drawings and specifications to develop an integrated solution. Our supply chain can coordinate and procure controllers, switches, knobs, displays, timers as well as custom fabricated metal or plastic products to complete the final assembly of your product.

We support a variety of industries such as oil and gas, instrumentation, industrial, Internet of Things, and renewable energy with services that include:

  • Custom cabling
  • Panel wiring
  • Modular sub-rack installation
  • Systems integration
  • Telecommunications cabinets
  • Process control and automation

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