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Box build assembly

Your manufacturing partner for box build and electro-mechanical assembly services.

To complement our printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) operations we provide box build and electro-mechanical assembly services whether its partial or full product integration and final assemblies ready for end-users. Our manufacturing facility incorporates assembly, testing and packaging with traceability, complemented by our electrical and mechanical assembly expertise.

Our technicians are well equipped to handle complex box build and electro-mechanical assemblies requiring multiple cable harnesses and arrangements, soldering, pneumatic assembly, specific torque requirements, as well as a sealed dust free environment with positive air pressure for delicate optical sensor or infrared device assemblies.

Customizable box build and electro-mechanical assemblies

You benefit from our world-class final assembly operations in our dedicated 35,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility. We are proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to continuously improving our processes and operations to consistently provide superior quality products to our clients.

  • After the PCB assembly, we use a variety of automated wire cutting and striping machines, universal crimpers and cable testers for cable and cable harness assembly based on your product requirements.
  • Our team of Integration experts can support simple, complex or customized box build and electro-mechanical assemblies of flex or rigid-flex components such as PCBs, cables, cable harnesses, exterior or interior framework and panels.
  • After final assembly, dielectric and functional tests are conducted to verify the final product conforms to electrical safety requirements and ensures it functions how it was intended to perform.


  • Final assembly quality control and assurance is a part of our quality management system including customized acceptance quality limit (AQL) inspections and sampling audit process plans.
  • We have customizable logistics, packaging and shipping solutions available including partial or consolidated shipments, global shipping options and drop shipping to OEMs or end users.
Box Build Assembly Graphic
Box Build Assembly infographic
Testing stage of manufacturing process occurring in PCB assembly and box build assemblies

Quality assurance

We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the box build and electro-mechanical assembly process. Our team ensures all assemblies are barcoded and tracked through the various manufacturing steps and analyzes the data collected at each stage during production to continually enhance and improve the process.

We invest in the ongoing training and professional development of our production team to keep their knowledge on the cutting edge. We have an in-house IPC certified trainer and all of our production experts are certified to build to IPC-A-610 Class 2 or 3. Learn more about our quality management system and certifications.

We utilize a combination of dielectric and functional testing methods with customized sampling audit process plans for enhanced quality control and assurance. Our dielectric tests verify your final product has enough dielectric strength to safeguard against electric shock incidents. Our functional testing methods are customized based on your test parameters and requirements to verify all key behaviors and key failure modes of your product function how it was intended to.

Testing Strategies

Our robust testing strategies are designed to predict errors in the final assembly process mitigating unnecessary risks to your end users. Cobalt Collar's series of final assembly tests are designed to ensure your product’s quality, functionality and long-term reliability.

Every box build and electro-mechanical assembly undergoes:

  • Dielectric testing
  • Functional testing
  • Customized acceptance quality limit (AQL) inspections and sampling audit process plans


Click the links to learn more about our inspection and testing capabilities and our comprehensive quality management process and formal certifications.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements for your box build or electro-mechanical assemblies.

Testing of box build and electro-mechanical assembly

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